by Chud

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14 tracks of skull-fucking, chainsaw edge guitar tones, pulverizing over-the-top drums, tight lo-end bass, aggressive teeth clenching vocals, - all rounded off with a little industrial/electro styling.
Influenced by everything from 'old school' death metal riffage to modern industrial metal, with a distinct eastern influence to the music.
A must for fans of the new Morbid Angel sound, Asesino, Australia's theBerzerker & older bands like Sepultura, Brujeria, & Ministry.
Even fans of heavier electronic music will find something enjoyable in this for them. Diggit.

All tracks are in high quality audio format.


released May 8, 2013

All music & lyrics written, arranged & performed by W. Jones.
Additional programming by Scythian.
Produced by W. Jones & Coco Deniro.
Recorded @thedevilzOuthouse Nov. 2013, engineering by W. Jones,
additional engineering by Coco Deniro.
Mastering by Silvertone Soundlabs.



all rights reserved


Chud ACT, Australia

Unholy. Violent. War.

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Track Name: Daemonic [Gnosis]
Empty Ignorant Primate
Wicked Chaos Dance
Rotting Jesus Crown
Ready Aim Fire

[thine eyes hold peace]

Dead Flesh Prison Cell
Willing Puppet Slave
Black Pyramid Worshipper
Crooked Eye God
Why don't you open your mind
Why can't you open your eyes
Why can't you see past the bullshit
consumed by the father of lies.
Track Name: Choke
Come down like stone
Slip through this
Another nightmare ride

Spread the word
Palo Mayombe
! Magia Negra !

Broken state of mind
Bleeding smile
Fall in line

Break the cycle, one becomes whole
Track Name: Beast
Lie for another lie
Truth for your other truth
Penny for your thoughts,
what's all your crying for?


Blood from the earth
Dead prophets words
Your armageddon,
will never come for you
Track Name: Witchcraft
Above us the red inferno
Below us the burning earth
Temples of bone & vapor,
bloodlust & toxic earth

Who is the master now?

Symbolo mesa negra
deus ex machina

The pious are brought to kneel
Beheaded as one to shame
Then it's the gift of fire,
chaos is come to reign.
Track Name: Tyrant
Go & break yourself
On the rocks of waking death
Throw you to the wolves
Have you torn to shreds

Tyrant !

Blackened spinning cross
Halo spitting death
Burning crown of thorns
Messiah of unrest
Crooked one eyed christ
Divine, the laughing god
Arise !
Arise !
Track Name: Gauss
Gold & greed
goes hand in hand with you
Yahweh drives a big black car,
big wheels, big black windows

-So crawl inside
the womb of chance
to sink or to swim
is in your own hands-

Blood & warfare
Your economic nightmare
Clay & creation
Drowning urine nation
Track Name: Revenant
On the cross of woe
Slithering christians
Swinging on a rope
How does it feel
To kneel before us
Reptilian god
The son of Osiris

This is not war
I'll show you war
Marching as one
To this new beat

The work of spreading fear
A wealth of new ideas
In a church below
Withering minions
The devil you know

Die for me
Track Name: Serpentine
Drag you down
against your will
Don't say a word
you never will
Fragile minds can be broken
All you need is some self destruction

Drag you down
against your will
Don't make a move
you never will
Fragile minds can be bought
All you need is just the right whore
Track Name: Pronto
Fuck in the blood of your enemies
Waking the dead to make them dance
Feeding the fire that won't go out
Burning the temple to build it again

[that's what you get]

Keeping the cult in the family
This is the way to make me a god
Killing the myth of blood & bone
You drink the piss from Satan's cock
Track Name: Kill It
Tax the corpses
burn the witness
I live in Salem
let's kill some christians
10 miles of curses
One more to go
I feel salvation comes from below

[kill it]

Five faced christ
hung upside down
Atop the pyre
six feet down
10 miles of curses
just one more to go
I feel dominion bleeds from within

Don't look behind you
Track Name: Gravedigger
Principles of the flesh
Redefined, what a mess
Cohesion, we're so obsessed
Six feet down, lay you to rest

[so, here's your shovel
keep it going all night,
the hole is getting deeper for you]

Slave to virtue, get on your knees
Be the host, of your own disease
This twisted picture is made to please
No one will miss you,
when you're dead & buried