Killing Machine [Live EP]

by Chud

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This EP was recorded live on 18th Oct. 2013 by K. Neist of MetalworX at the Basement, ACT, Australia.
This is a straight-from-the-desk recording with no overdubbing or additional recording done. It captures the massive wall of sound this dynamic 3-piece coven blasts out at you from onstage,
like a sledgehammer, straight to the face !!
This was their 6th show with the new line-up. Diggeth.

It features tracks from Chud's debut album 'Ominous', which can be downloaded via bandcamp (as a whole album, or as individual tracks).

Chud : Heavy as a black hole.

Contact us !! Hate us !!
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released 05 December 2013

All music & lyrics written & arranged by C.A. Szafranski.

Drum performance by NovaX.
Bass performed by Tobias Ahzi Malek.
Guitar & vocal performance by W. Jones.

Live sound recorded, mixed & engineered by K. Neist for MetalworX.

Mastering by Silvertone Soundlabs.

Special thanks to K. Neist, Coco D & theDoctor for making this shit happen.

All music & lyrics Copyright 2013 OuthouseMusic. All Rights Reserved.



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Track Name: Pronto [killing machine mix]
Fuck in the blood of your enemies
Waking the dead to make them dance
Feeding the fire that won't go out
Burning the temple to build it anew

- That's what you get !! -

Keeping the cult in the family
This is the way to make me a god
Killing the myth of blood & bone
You drink the piss from Satan's cock.
Track Name: Witchcraft [killing machine mix]
Above us the red inferno
Below us the burning earth
Temples of bone & vapor
Bloodlust & toxic earth

- Who is the master now? -

Symbolo Misa Negra
Deus Ex Machina

The pious are brought to kneel
Beheaded as one to shame
Then it's the gift of fire,
chaos is come to reign.
Track Name: Godfuck [killing machine mix]
Counting truth by numbers
Waiting for a rainy day
Waiting for the sun to come blow me away

- Swallow the world
Red sky rise
Swallow the world
Blood sky blinds -

Grim respect
For those who follow
The witches eye,
beneath tomorrow.
Track Name: Tyrant [killing machine mix]
Go & break yourself
On the rocks of waking death
Throw you to the wolves
Have you torn to shreds

- Tyrant -

Blackened, spinning cross
Halo spitting death
Burning crown of thorns
Messiah of unrest
Crooked, one-eyed Christ
Divine, the laughing god

Arise !! Arise !!

- Tyrant -
Track Name: Gravedigger [killing machine mix]
Principles of the flesh
Redefined, what a mess
Cohesion, so obsessed
Six feet down
Lay you to rest

- So, here's your shovel
Keep it going all night
The hole is getting deeper
for you -

Slave to virtue
Get on your knees
Be the host of your own disease
This twisted picture is made to please
No one will miss you,
when you're dead & buried.
Track Name: Kill It [killing machine mix]
Tax the corpses, burn the witness
I live in Salem, let's kill some Christians
10 miles of curses, just one more to go
I feel salvation comes from below

- Golem [kill it] -

5-faced Christ, hung upside down
Atop the pyre 6 feet down
10 miles of curses, just one more to go
I feel dominion bleeds from within.